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who is mr. bomb?

a 90's punk band, an artist, and a legacy.

'Mr. Bomb' was the name of a 90's punk band put together by lead vocalist/bassist, Greg Hetrick. Greg and the band performed locally and opened for many popular touring acts like 'BLACK FLAG'. Born in 1977, Greg's life was cut short in 2001, due to a tragic car accident. After the incident, the 3 piece band 'Mr.Bomb' was forced to come to an end. Or so everyone thought.

Among all of Greg's many accomplishments, like creating the band 'Mr. Bomb', his greatest accomplishment seems to have been the creation of his only child, Mason Hetrick. Mason was born in 1998 and was only 3 years old at the time of his father's passing. He claims to have no memory of his father, other than the ones he has created through the stories he's told. Any chance Mason gets to hear an old story about his father, he feels that he not only learns more about his dad, but also learns more about himself. With that being said, Mason took on the name Mr. Bomb to honor, pay tribute too, and learn more about his father. In essence, Mason hopes to learn more about his father, so he can learn more about himself.

Mr. Bomb was a kick ass 90's punk band. Now Mr. Bomb is a kick ass, one of a kind, multi-genre, living legacy of an artist that is motivated to living his truth and bringing people together through his love for music. 

Mason 'Mr. Bomb' Hetrick's latest album consists of 11 original songs written by his dad , brought back to life. The significance of this album being released now, is that Mason is now 24 years old, the same age as his father at the time of his passing. Because of this Mason feels like there is no better time to embody, recreate, perform, and release his fathers music than now. Click the listen now button below to listen to Mr. Bomb on your favorite streaming service.

"It's in the name, it's bound to blow up." - Mr. Bomb.